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What can The Omnibus Company do for you?

We use Omnibus Surveys around the globe to craft stories that work for your brand and have a proven track record of generating huge media buzz through capturing public opinion on issues, news and emerging trends. We work with brands from the public, private and non-profit sectors to create thought leadership, increase awareness, effectively position campaigns and get actionable insights and buzzworthy headlines.

The Omnibus Company approach combines incisive research tools with strategic expertise. You get:

  • Experienced communications partner. Your team of researchers and PR professionals have established credibility with top-tier media outlets and know what captures media attention.
  • Headline-driven questioning approach. We work alongside your stakeholders to match your survey questionnaire with ideal headlines to tell your story.
  • Media-ready deliverables. From our signature NewsWorthy Analysis, combining compelling storylines and your survey’s best data, to creative infographics, you’ll get a turnkey solution for your press materials and media outreach.
  • Targeted and global audiences. We design the respondent group to your needs, be it regional, provincial, national, international or specialty.

Results in a week — or less.

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About Kelton

The Omnibus Company is a division of Kelton.  Kelton integrates five vital disciplines – qualitative, quantitative, strategy, design and communications – to drive and design customized strategic solutions to marketing challenges and opportunities for the world’s best brands. Visit us at www.keltonglobal.com


The Brand & Media Communications Team

Our team is made up of former journalists, PR executives, network TV producers and marketing professionals. We know what works with media, and are experts at coming up with unique survey concepts to deliver headline-generating results that will get your brand noticed.